Our pre-retail garment processing services ensure that your garments arrive on time, in pristine condition and ready for sale. We work with major high street retailers and have a full understanding of retail requirements, providing high level customer service in the satisfaction of your unique needs. Our garment processing services include:

We work with major high street retailers of the UK.


Through our extensive on-site facilities and specialist equipment we are able to handle large garment quantities and offer a comprehensive list of garment processing services. These include:

  • VEIT automatic 5 chamber steam tunnel
  • Automatic bagging machine
  • Hand-pressing facilities
  • Machine Work
  • Kimballing, de-kimballing
  • Re-labelling and pre-retail sorting
  • Quality checks and remedial works
  • Unpacking boxed garments onto hangers
  • Automated single bagging & over bagging
  • Adding pack stickers and barlocking
  • Addition of sizing cubes


We have a skilled and experienced clothing alterations section capable of meeting any demands.


We have a skilled and experienced clothing alterations section capable of meeting the demands of remedial work and alterations of garments, sewing in new brand clothing labels, re-hemming, sew in new zips, shortening of garments, bar-tacking and adding new buttons.


We have a re-branding team in place who can carefully strip and de-brand your garments leaving a blank canvas for branding. There’s many reasons why you may require re-branding. Perhaps your brand wants to deliver a new message to consumers, has undergone a complete name change or maybe the logo has been redesigned.


Some sections of our warehouse consist of floor to ceiling high bay racking. With every pallet location owning a unique identification code. We offer bespoke garment warehousing solutions for fashion and garment storage and distribution. Pick face and storage solutions are available on request. Garments can be stored boxed or hanging.


To top it all off, we have a very experienced team here at Exclusive Logistics. Each department consists of individuals with vast experience in their field of work. Fashion logistics with Exclusive Logistics does not only means access to the best technology and equipment in the industry, but the best people too.